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Thomas Barth

Tom Barth has built a solid reputation with crane owners, operators and manufacturers for his expertise as an operator, trainer and inspector. He has been called as an expert witness and crane accident investigator in more than 55 cases around the world.

As Tom has said on many occasions, "I live, eat and breathe cranes." It shows in his committment to training and crane safety.


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Your Crane Safety and Satisfaction Is Our Business

Barth Crane Operator Training Offers OnSite Mobile Crane Training

Thomas Barth, an industry leader with more than 38 years experience as a crane operator, inspector and trainer, delivers comprehensive on-site crane training programs customized to your company's equipment, rigging and lifting requirements. Available internationally, his training covers inspection, rigging, boom operations, hand signals, load charts, safe operating practices, tips and instruction on complying with OSHA and ANSI/ASME/B30 safety requirements.

Barth's experience has taken him all over the world, working in some of the toughest conditions and giving him unparalleled experience in a variety of equipment, including tower cranes, crawler cranes, harbor cranes and on offshore platforms. He has operated Manitowoc Crawlers, barge-mounted Clyde cranes, P&H Crawlers, PECO and Liebherr tower cranes, and a variety of truck cranes.

Barth Crane Training is customized to what you need, on your site and can be customized for beginning or veteran operators. saving you travel expenses, and time.

Tom Barth has devoted his life to safety in crane operating and his training reflects that commitment. After completing his training course, your operators will:

  • Be able to identify hoist/crane failure before a breakdown.
  • Work more efficiently and productively.
  • Have an increased awareness of safety.
  • Eliminate crane abuse, saving on equipment repair and maintenance.
  • Be comfortable with rigging solutions to assure your safety and the safety of others.
  • Lower costs from accidents and injuries.

We have trained operators in a variety of industries including at steel mills, in oil refineries and on offshore platforms. Each class concentrates on the development of efficient operators who employ first class standards in their profession.